Welcome to the Norco Christmas Parade Norco, Louisiana

All entries must be accompanied by an entry form
The fee is $50 per entry

All vehicles must provide proof of insurance


Please click the appropriate link below
Print, fill out and return by

All forms are uploaded both in WORD and as PDF documents.

If you can't download or open, please send an email to norcoparade@aol.com and we will send you one.

Any questions may be directed to Stephen Weber at   504-202-5565

Entry form for Floats

 ·         Must be a decorated trailer, truck-type float, Mardi Gras style float.

·         Must have a Christmas theme or message, preferably related to the parade’s overall theme.

·         Must be well-decorated. A drawing, sketch, picture or visual rendering must accompany entry form.

·         Must have proof of insurance.

·         **Parade chairman may deny entry if any above standards are not met!


Entry Forms for Vehicles

·         Classic cars, antique cars, show cars will be accepted.

·         Proof of insurance must be submitted with entry.

Entry Forms for Marching Groups

GROUPS word.docx         GROUPS PDF.pdf

  • We accept marching, dancing and costumes groups but we have a waiting list for applicants!
    • Dancing groups MUST submit a photo or sketch of intended costumes. Costumes must be tasteful.
      • Music must be Christmas themed and appropriate for a family holiday event. 

Entry Forms for Animal Groups
 ·         Horse and rider groups will be accepted

·         Groups must provide at least TWO  pooper-scoopers for refuse

Entry Forms for Queens
QUEENS word.docx        Queens PDF.pdf

·         Festival and pageant queens are invited to ride in the parade.

·         The number of queens will be limited.

·         Queens must provide their own vehicle

·         Proof of insurance must be submitted for vehicle with entry.